Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Older Creations that need help.

Here are some of my first creations from about 4 years ago.  I am looking for hints on how to better them as I am not quite satisfied with them.  Feel free to give your ideas.

This is one of my favorite.. I'm quite satisfied with the result.

This one was done with the kit of the month from Scrapomanie (now  It turned out ok but I will modify the pictures.  I can also modify the layout if you have ideas.

This creation was one of Scrapomanie's challenge (now  I quite like it.

I like the colors of this one but it's quite empty.  It's ust missing something.  Any ideas?

This was created out of a template that I modified adding a few things including ink.  It turned out quite nice for a template.

I am not quite satisfied with this one.  It's too plain.  Any Ideas?

This one is quite nice, I will maybe modify the writing part.

I love this one!  I just might modify the Name..

Too plain?  I think it's missing something!  Help someone?

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